2000HT_C 001

Our manufacturer of cast aluminum circulation heaters, Cast Aluminum Solutions, is working on an interesting application for one of my customers who wish to do supercritical water.  Our high temp unit, the Cast-X HT, which is rated for 600°C and 1,500 PSI (depending on model) is being engineered to handle 5,000 PSI.  This unit is bronze, not aluminum, meaning the choice of tubing material is limited, so other factors are considered, but CAS is experienced with supercritical fluids, often used in cracking water into clean hydrogen and clean oxygen.  CAS offers a wide range of cast circ heaters, from under 1,500 watts to 60 kW, including high purity models and explosion proof models.  The cast design virtually ensures the heaters will not burn out, and the cast body works as a thermal flywheel, moderating temperature swings.  Questions?  Give us a call.