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Custom Vacuum Feedthroughs
Custom Fabrication, Thin Film Instrumentation

MCVAC is a leader in Thin Film Coating instruments manufacturing. Their Quartz Crystal Sensors, Feedthroughs, Cables, and related products are used widely throughout the coating industry. Their products have become the “standard tooling” in many production and research coating systems in facilities worldwide. Their standard products are always same day delivery, and custom variations of our standards are usually shipped within a few days.

McVac also manufactures High, and Ultra High Vacuum components such as fittings, flanges, extensions, nipples, power feedthroughs, bellows, chambers, and complete vacuum systems. They do all of the precision machining, TIG welding, and helium mass spectrometer leak testing here at our facility. Repair and testing of vacuum equipment are also available at McVac.

Fluoropolymer Consultancy
and Contract Coating

PEC, with over 40 years of experience in the processes of Teflon Coatings and fluoropolymer coatings, offers specialized service in applying all standard fluoropolymer products, including single and multi-coat systems. These products offer resistance to friction, corrosion, and abrasion of working surfaces. Variable cure temperatures allow safe processing in both hardened metals and other materials. Fluoropolymer coatings may also be applied in conjunction with common plating or other surface treatments in order to ensure the performance characteristics required in your application. They will provide the information-base you need to choose the best solution for your application from among our wide variety of coatings and processes. They now are offering a wide range of components and hardware for value and first-tier services.

Helium Leak Detection Service

Using the best technology available today, VacPro can do helium leak detection on site. VacPro also designs, builds and services industrial high vacuum and leak testing equipment and systems.